Nina O’Connell

Batik, Caly sculpting, watercolours

(Photos updated March 2012)

I am an Artist and an Art Therapist. My Fine Art training was at the West of England College of Art in Bristol and at Reading University where I gained my Degree, quite a bit later I acquired a Post Graduate diploma in Art Therapy at Hertfordshire University.

I spent a decade or so illustrating children’s books when my own children were young. As a grandmother now I am joyfully revisiting that wonderful world of innocence and story where anything can happen.

As a Fine Artist it is colour in its endless variations that makes my heart sing.

My abstract paintings in watercolour and acrylics are about how I view relationships.

From the micro to the macro these paintings are about man’s relationship to his fellowman, to nature and to himself. They are also about the world situation, with all of the tensions and crises going on and how these are hopefully being resolved through all the ‘muck’ coming to the surface. Just as happens in all relationships some things are beyond our control and I like to work with this element through allowing paint to flow and find it’s own way so providing me with some undetermined ‘happy accidents’ to work with.

The four paintings of women are a new venture painted with humour and thoughtfulness. I hope people will recognise the value of those silent moments musing with ourselves, over the children, why the plumber forgot to come, what to wear, pests on the roses or how we would solve the world’s problems!

Over the past year my creativity has diversified into the Indonesian art of Batik and also painted and glazed clay sculptures. In all that i do it is the vibrancy and translucent effect of colour that makes by heart sing. My work is both figurative and abstract, drawing from themes in life which interest me and those which concern the whole of humanity at the moment. As an Art Therapist I work with Autistic adults and children having problems in school.


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